Thursday, September 1, 2011

Brooch Bouquets: Trading flowers for jewels

I'm in love with vintage brooch bouquets right now.  They are growing in popularity for weddings but I think one would be adorable sitting in a white porcelain vase on top of my vanity.  Miranda Lambert carried one on her wedding day, which was made by Jennifer Rose Diehl from The Ritzy Rose of Columbus, Ohio.  The idea is to collect vintage or vintage-inspired (or whatever style you fancy) brooches, earrings and other bejeweled accessories; attach each piece to a floral wire; arrange the bouquet and wrap the wires with fabric or ribbon.  I found further instructions online here, thanks to Charming Charlie:

You can also buy them online at several Etsy shops.  My favorites are:

I think for brides the best way to make a bouquet is to collect pieces from loved ones.  For a few days I thought I was a genius for thinking of this all by myself, but apparently Mrs. Shelton had the same idea.  Ask each guest of your bridal shower to bring a piece of jewelry to the party.  You can include an explanation in the invitation and specify color or theme.  Your bouquet will be priceless!  It will cost you little but represent all of the special women in your life.

For me, perhaps this will be a hint at what to get me for future holidays...

1. Blue and purple bouquet from TheRitzyRose
2. Amethyst bouquet from Noaki
3. Wedding bouquet from 1amanda
4. Black and white bouquet from LionsgateDesigns