Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cut me some Shellac

I know I'm a little late, as always, but I just tried the Shellac manicure for the first time.  As you probably already know, it's supposed to last up to 14 days.  It's very shiny, there's no drying time and supposedly no nail damage.  When I paint my nails with normal polish they chip the very next day.  That's why I don't paint them often, although I'm trying to more regularly.

Anyway, for my first Shellac manicure I went to United Hairlines & Tan Lines in Holland, Ohio.  I chose Red Baroness from the 30 available colors and it only took about 40 minutes.  I used a Groupon, but it normally costs $30.  After day one, I am very pleased with the results.  If it lasts a while, like it's supposed to, I will definitely get another Shellac manicure in the future, possibly for fashion week.  I'll post an update after 14 days so you can see for yourself.

Next I would like to try Fedora, deep brown with a hint of burgundy; Rock Royalty, deep purple; Asphalt, deep grey or Clearly Pink (duh.)  For warmer weather I'm looking forward to Tutti Frutti, hot pink; Tropix, bright coral and Hotski to Tchotchke, teal.  In March the creators, CND, are releasing six new colors.  If you haven't already, get Shellacked.

UPDATE: My Shellac manicure only lasted a week :(

My nails looked near perfect for about 4 days, then began to show wear on the tips and a couple small chips.  Exactly a week after I had it done I noticed that a small piece of the polish on one nail was peeling up.  Not thinking, I pulled at it and half of the polish peeled off!  Like a kid in a candy store, I peeled the polish off of every single nail.  And I loved it, well not the fact that it didn't last.  But  I have very weak nails that are very pliable so I didn't expect it to.  Yes, I was disappointed, but I would consider getting it done again for certain events - wedding & honeymoon, fashion week, special vacations...