Friday, February 17, 2012

My current thoughts on Jen (Aniston)

I am in the middle of blogging about my trip to New York but I must comment on an article I read online today.  It's titled "Jennifer Aniston flirts with all her Wanderlust co-stars... but keeps her distance from boyfriend Justin Theroux" and it can be found here.  She's too clingy, then she's too flirty, now she's too focused on her career at a movie premiere?  I'm not a HUGE Jen fan and I don't assume to "know" anyone I've never met.  But she seems like a beautiful, funny, sweet chick.  She's best friends with Chelsea Handler, who's never afraid of speaking her mind.  So if she sucked I'm sure the world would know it.

Side note: I think that fame must suck at times for celebrities, especially the stories that entertainment reporters fabricate in the media.  Yeah, yeah, I know it's part of the deal.  The millions they earn must make it worth it.  Blah, blah, blah...  Either way, it would just suck if I couldn't take my dog for a walk without the risk of being photographed, heckled and possibly run over by a pushy paparazzo.  Or attend a premiere and be criticized for either being too distant or too lovey-dovey with my boyfriend.

Anywho, what particularly annoyed me about this article was that the writer said Jen, oh lovely, sweet Jen, "failed to shine."  I understand that the job of an entertainment writer is to take an event and add some BS to create a "story" about a celebrity.  They're fair game!  (My mother taught me to treat others how I would like to be treated.  Not everyone is this lucky.)  But who can deny that Jen was not glowing in these photos?!  He also said that her dress "looked more like something worn to a dinner party than a Hollywood premiere."  This dress by Tom Ford is perfect.  I pinned it!  Peplum + leather + black & white chevron = So chic!  Maybe a little less glam or sexy, but I welcome the change of pace.  As for Jen and Justin's matching name rings, who cares!  They're fun!

It seems Mr. Larkin changed his tune halfway through the day because he then posted this article, "One step away from the real thing! Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux pledge their commitment with matching name rings," which can be found here.  In it he said, "Jennifer shone in a grey corseted dress."  Mr. Larkin, I forgive you.  Not everyone knows fashion.  Hell, I don't claim to!  I just enjoy it.  And I imagine neither of us knows Jen.  Shame on you for pretending.  I hope you don't fail to shine again.  Especially when it comes to lovely Jen.