Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fashionably Shop Toledo: Shapemejeans

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is like finding a ________.

If you said "unicorn," then you're going to love this gift idea from a local mom and daughter duo! Shapemejeans, located in Franklin Park Mall, sells custom-fit, handmade jeans.  They are made to fit both your hips and waist, without any gaping in the back or bunching in the front. Options include fabrics in a variety of colors, threads and stitching, shape, pockets, belt loops and embroidery.

Shapemejeans was born from the recurring frustration of struggling to find that perfect pair of jeans that fit in all the right places.  After Alicia Lawson tried on 52 pairs of jeans she gave up and made a pair herself.  Her daughter, Arlinda, wanted a custom made pair too.  In 2009, they realized that many women have trouble finding jeans that fit and began developing their business plan.

A gift card to get a pair of jeans made specifically for the receiver would make a very fitting gift for the woman in your life, who is always looking for that perfect pair of jeans.  Ladies, if that’s you, be sure to put Shapemejeans on your wish list.  The jeans start at $120 per pair, plus a one-time $25 fitting fee.  If you think that’s steep, ask yourself if the person they’re intended for lives in jeans.  If they wear jeans often, then a high quality pair of custom made jeans would be more than worth it.

Toledo Blade Staff Writer Roneisha Mullen tried the idea on for size by having a pair made just for her and wrote about her experience here.

“My Shapemejeans are dark, clean, and classic,” she said.  “Because of the simple design I chose, mine look like any other pair of jeans you’d buy at a traditional store. However, the fit cannot be rivaled.”

For more information, go to www.shapemejeans.com or visit them at Franklin Park Mall in the food court wing.

Photos courtesy of www.shapemejeans.com and the Toledo Blade/Jetta Fraser

Are you adding Shapemejeans to your wish list?

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