Monday, July 28, 2014

My 1920s Birthday Celebration

My best friend, Brittany, and I were born three days and a three-hour drive apart.  We met 14 years later here in Toledo, Ohio and have together shared about all of the things you imagine as teenage girls become crazy college kids and now young women.  We've grown even closer in the past few years as our lives settle into a similar rhythm we strive to compose.  Today we live about three blocks apart.

Our friendship brings to mind many heartwarming and cheesy quotes, but especially those from "Sex and the City" about soul mates.

“Don’t laugh at me, but maybe we could be each other’s soul mates
and men could be these great, nice guys to have fun with.”
Charlotte York

As our birthdays approached we decided to celebrate together in a big way.  We wanted something different and special.  When Brittany’s sister casually suggested renting the Sandpiper boat for a night cruise on the Maumee River, we found our venue.  As Cancers, according to the Zodiac, we love being near the water, combined with the thought of having 50 of our closest family and friends, plus plenty of booze and appetizers, we were happy as a clam crabs.  

Imagining our party’s setting with the river and city skyline as our backdrop, I pictured a “Roaring ’20s” theme (because if I can celebrate like a flapper, why not?) and Brittany suggested using ruby red, for our birthstone.  Our minimal d├ęcor and suggested attire was set.

Off to Chicago I went, shopping for The Dress!  While I didn't have anything particular in mind, I envisioned myself as a modern flapper.  I looked for fringe, knife pleats, beading and Art Deco prints.  I finally found a pale blush dress with a lace bustier and knife-pleated skirt at H&M and I fell in love.  It paired nicely with the beaded headband I bought from Francesca’s for the Alzheimer’s Association Gala earlier this year.  I added a gold-tone bracelet with tiny white and pink roses from Forever 21, a flapper’s signature pearl necklace and white strappy wedges.  I was ready to dance the Charleston to Iggy’s “I’m So Fancy” and get wild!

On the day of the party our generous moms, family and closest friends helped provide the food, booze and decoration.  Everyone brought the fun, smiles and laughter.

It was a wonderful evening!  Everyone raved about how unique and fun it was to host the party on the Sandpiper.  There was something for everyone.  If they didn't prefer the cocktails and dancing, they enjoyed watching the scenery from the river and flowing conversation.  I saw my friends offering hugs, kind wishes and drinks; Carlton leading guests in his remixed version of “Happy Birthday to You;” my dad grinning with his windswept hair, tossed from sitting on the upper deck; my mom buzzing around chatting with every person on the boat; my sister, who I sought out for time to breathe and the whole lively party boat pulsating against Toledo’s skyline.  Just wonderful!

The cherry on top? The Toledo Mud Hens' fireworks burst into the sky just as we were walking to the party's next location. Perfect. #ILoveToledo

Thank you again to everyone who celebrated our birthdays with us! A big THANK YOU to our moms and everyone who went the extra mile to make our party so enjoyable!

Brittany and I agree, we felt so loved, so special and this will be a celebration we'll never forget.

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