Monday, January 26, 2015

What's your Personal Baggage?

One of my family members is a pit bull named Carter. He’s my baby. I adore his personality – he’s a 70 lb. lap dog. And I adore his sometimes misunderstood breed.

For those who may still believe the misconceptions about pit bulls, just look at his face and please see here or here.   

As you can see Carter is probably not a fan of my blog (check out that stink eye!), as the laptop takes up his favorite spot. But I’m sure he’d like this post! Today I’m featuring Personal Baggage, an Ohio-based T-shirt company that supports animal welfare with its shirts’ messages and by giving a portion of their proceeds to local animal rescues.

Personal Baggage combines my love for animals, fashion and supporting local businesses. The woman who created Personal Baggage, Nikki Doran, is from Toledo, Ohio and even attended high school with some of my friends. So naturally, I’m a big fan.

Nikki is a fellow Bowling Green State University alumna and she graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, where she developed the idea to create graphic tees displaying artwork with strong messages that she believed in.

"My 'Go Faux' tee represents the fact that I don't wear any animal products - no fur, leather, feathers, wool," Nikki explained. "It is important that I actually represent the statement on the tee, hence the name Personal Baggage. I wanted my business name to be something with a duel meaning, sort of like saying, 'This is what I believe in and what I think is important, it is my personal baggage.'

"The cool thing is that there are other people that believe in these messages too; they believe you should rescue animals and in adoption, and they want to ban breeding just as much as I do."

Nikki also works full time as a pattern designer for Lane Bryant and is involved with two rescues in central Ohio, The Powell Animal Welfare Society and PetPromise. She is married with a new baby and her own rescued beagle. 

When I first discovered their animal-friendly line, I fell in love with the “Lover Not a Fighter” pit bull T-shirt. I got one for myself and Carter’s dad. They’re so soft and comfortable and we get so many compliments on them! 

To get your own Personal Baggage T-shirt, visit them on Etsy! For more information about the philanthropic brand, visit their website or Facebook Page.

The Details
T-shirt: Personal Baggage
Faux leather jacket: similar here
Jeans: Express, past season, similar here
Earrings: Unknown, similar here and here
Bag: Aldo, past season, similar here and here
Sandals: Charlotte Russe, past season, similar here and here

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