Saturday, August 3, 2013

Digital media specialist by day, fashion blogger by night

On the second day of the conference I awoke, after a late night of writing, with a Starbucks coffee and GMA.  Feeling like a true professional, I pulled out a little black dress to attend the day’s #Sizzler13 sessions.  I paired it with a deep indigo cardigan to keep the AC at bay, the same silver belt as the day before, pewter faux snakeskin slingbacks and this fabulous necklace.

As if the fashion gods knew my fate, I was beckoned to New York & Company two days before my trip by a great coupon, where I picked up this fabulous faux gemstone bib necklace.  I had debated over the color selection but finally opted for the grey and yellow combination because of its imagined versatility.  And now, I had the perfect outfit and occasion to wear it.  Although, I envision this necklace will be worn in several different ways, from a white T-shirt and jeans to more professional attire, and hopefully on another business trip.

The Details
LBD: AB Studio at Kohl's
Cardigan: Old Navy
Necklace: New York & Company, sold out
Belt: New York & Company, from past season
Shoes: Calvin Klein, from past season


  1. I LOVE THIS ONE. (all caps on purpose)

    1. Stop yelling at me. (just kidding) ME TOO! I wish you could see the blue of the cardi better in the full length shot, but I could not adjust it properly in Photoshop! I got that necklace and the outfit just came together! Thank you for leaving a comment, BBHB ;)