Monday, August 19, 2013

The music lovin’, festival goin’ boho hippie chick

It feels so good to be back!  (Humming Eminem)  Speaking of music, the next personal style post is inspired by the music lovin’, festival goin’ boho hippie chick.   Guests of Coachella have firmly established the bohemian hippie style, reminiscent of Woodstock, as The Look for music festivals across the country.  The flower power people of the 70s must have celebrated Woodstock so well, that we feel compelled to continue the sentiment and its style into today’s festivals’ fashions.  

So for today’s personal style post, I selected staple pieces of festival folks from my own closet, including an embroidered lace vest, high-waist cut-off jean shorts, chunky platforms (which would definitely inflict pain if I actually wore to a festival), a crochet handbag and tons of bohemian-inspired jewelry.  I’ve never worn so many bracelets at once.  I think Rachel Zoe would be proud.

The Vest
This beautiful burgundy vest was purchased by my mom at a garage sale years ago in Nebraska.  I hung onto it, waiting for just… the right… outfit… to wear it.  Fast forward over a decade and I still don’t think I’ve worn it outside of the house.  That’s fashion abuse, people!  Beautiful pieces need to be worn and adored and shared with the world!  Now that I’ve FINALLY worn it for this very post, I am inspired to wear it with numerous items – a floral-printed dress, jeans and a T-shirt, a crop top and high-waist skirt…  If it weren’t for my blog and this post’s inspiration, I may have gone another decade without wearing this lovely vest.

With the vest I reached for the cut-off jean shorts.  No-brainer.  See LAist’s 53 Photos of Photos Of Jean Cut-offs, Crochet Tops And Fanny Packs.  I put on my new-to-me woven platforms, recently given to me by a friend.  (Thanks, Patty!  Sorry I’m not too sorry you can’t wear them anymore!)  Then I added the jewelry, and more jewelry, including a bronze bib necklace from my friend Ashley’s wedding, an old mood ring, a turquoise cuff from a local art fair, bangles from Forever 21 and lastly, my peacock feather earrings.  Yes, the peacock feather trend might be nearing “out,” but I like them!  And I believe that if you like it, rock it!  Plus, I made these gorgeous earrings years ago with a bundle of feathers my mom scored at an auction. I’m crafty like that.

Once the outfit was complete Gina, my photographer, partner in crime, BFF and occasional stylist, and I ventured toward downtown Toledo to take our pictures.  I’d like to note that the background for these photos were found as pictured.  Thank you for making it so easy, Toledo train station and Gina. I love working with you, G.

The Result
I enjoy going to concerts of almost all music types.  Bonaroo was one of the best experiences of my life!  I like the music, the people, the people watching and dressing the part.  This outfit began as dressing the part but I grew comfortable in it.  I imagined other ways to wear the vest, I stared at the eclectic collection of bangles on my wrist that came together so stunningly, I hummed CCR and as I wrote this, I googled the original Woodstock’s performing artists and notable activists.   So while Coachella ≠ Woodstock, I hold the hippie chick with boho style, touting peace & love from today and yesteryear closer to my heart.  I can’t wait for my next music festival experience, when I will wear something like this again.  Maybe today’s long turquoise skirt, stacked vintage rings and braid in my hair.  Deuces.

P.S. Thank you to my wonderful & generous mom, who continues to find the most awesome, interesting, unique and beautiful pieces for me to add to my collection.   We joke you’re hit or miss sometimes, but if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have any sense of my own style or a collection to match.

All photos by Gina of